CBD Yoga


Every Wed 7:30 pm at The Healing Panda Summerlin Location HEALING PANDA CBD YOGA!!!!! FREE CLASS!!! FREE PRE ROLLS!!! CBD Alkaline Water from REAL WATER! Free Treats & Snacks. Only 14 people per class! Bring a YOGA Mat!! Please DM me your number!!! We will send out text messages for confirmation!! or email Panda@thehealingpanda.com

SERENA Autistic MMA Fighter

#inspired by moments of overwhelming joy! Meet @serenasouthpaw the first #autistic #promma fighter! Her passion to overcome all obstacles is not only inspirational but motivation to all around her! @healingpandacbd we work one on one with #allergies #dietaryrestrictions and personal needs! #notallcbdiscreatedequal