About Us

Kenny Knoll


Nolan Dame

Manager Edible & Oil Creator

Lacey & Ava

Baker & our Shop Helper

The Healing Panda was established in 2017 by Kenny Knoll,

the owner of Great Grubbing (a 100% Gluten-Free Café & Bakery).

In late 2016 and early 2017, Kenny suffered two strokes:

the first one lasted 9 minutes followed by 3 days of sickness, but

the 2nd stroke was stopped when an employee administered 3 full

droplets of a CBD oil 2 minutes in, ending symptons in 10 seconds,

with no sickness after. This propelled Kenny to learn more about the

positive effects of CBD and how he could fuse it with his existing

business. He began his research by visiting a Colorado Hemp Farm

to study how CBD is produced.

The Healing Panda is committed to not being a private labeling

company, and all products are purchased in the USA. All CBD oils

& edibles are manufactured at the location in Henderson, NV, on

the border of Las Vegas. The Healing Panda uses natural roots,

herbs, and oils that are slow cooked for 4 hours, and then adds

to CBD Isolates in 1oz (30ml) bottles, which guarantees 500mg

or 1000mg of CBD per bottle. At the storefront, the Healing Panda

allows customization of any oil blend; for example, hemp, avocado,

& olive oil blend with 1000mg CBD isolates can be made within 10

minutes, or herbs, roots, & oils blend which can be made in 1 or 2 days.

The edibles are made in-house and are 100% gluten-free & vegan.

Other items include CBD-infused dairy and sugar-free gummies for

day and night, vegan & gluten-free cookies, peanut butters, vegan

protein bars, bone broth, and more. Please check Facebook &

Instagram for new and exciting edibles from the minds of

The Healing Panda.